Welcome to StudentsFIRST!

StudentsFIRST is a group of students and adults working to ensure student education is the focus of robotics teams.

Our goal is to advocate for more equitable competitions, preserve the delight of discovery, build student-centered teams, and live up to FIRST’s values.

StudentsFIRST is not a part of FIRST(c).

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What does it mean to be a member of StudentsFIRST?

  • It means you stand up for the students on teams where adults deny students the opportunity to learn and make mistakes.
  • It means you stand up for the student-centered teams that should not have to compete against mentor-built bots.
  • It means you stand up for students who deserve to have agency in how much of their bot is built by adults.
  • It means you want to be a part of the solution to ensure student education is the focus of robotics teams.

Join us today! Membership is free. Together we can affect the change we need for today’s and tomorrow’s robotics students.

If you agree that student learning should be the focus of robotics teams, please become a member to stay in touch about what we’re doing. Students and adults are welcome to join.

We are still accepting new officers. If you would like to be an officer, please email us at

Does your team put students first? You can sign up your team to become a member of StudentsFIRST! We’ll email you a sign to put at your pits, our logo so you can put it on your website, and mail you StudentsFIRST buttons and stickers. Click the “Become a Member” button and enter your team’s name.

Now Accepting Hall of Fame Nominations

While we are working to get students the agency they need to contribute meaningfully on their teams, we also want to acknowledge that the vast majority of mentors and coaches really do put students first. Many mentors, coaches, and volunteers are joining StudentsFIRST because they agree with our goals.

To celebrate the coaches, mentors and volunteers who put students first, we are creating a Hall of Fame on our website. If you would like to nominate a great adult on your team for a StudentsFIRST Hall of Fame award, please email us,, with their name, photo, and a paragraph on why this adult is so special and how they put students first. Please also include your team number. We will add them to our website on the Hall of Fame page, and we will email you a certificate that you can print and present to them.

Ways to get involved

Become a Member and Invite Your Friends to Join

Nominate a Coach, Mentor or Volunteer for the Hall of Fame

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