Students First
Our Community

Our Community

StudentsFIRST Is A Student Founded, Organized, And Led Association


Robin Lee

Founder and President
Mill Creek, Washington

Gabe Cook

Champaign, Illinois

Zoe Wilson

Kansas City, Missouri

Chloe Smith

Athens, Alabama

Max Pedreros

Kansas City, Missouri

Chloe Leaman

Auburn, Michigan

Juliette Champagne

Fargo, North Dakota

Muskaan Kaur

Mill Creek, Washington




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StudentsFIRST Members

How to Get Involved

We would love for you to be involved!

Become a member: Join our team and receive emails about what we’re up to, what people are saying, and provide your input on what StudentsFIRST should do next.

Share StudentsFIRST stickers and buttons: We have TONS of stickers and buttons! Email us to request them for yourself, your team, and to share at events. Be sure to give us your name, address and how many stickers and buttons you want.

Become an officer: Do you want to have more of an active role in StudentsFIRST? We would love to have you! Please send us an email and tell us why these issues are important to you.

Nominate an important adult on your team to our Hall of Fame: We want to recognize mentors, adults and volunteers who really put students first! You can nominate a great adult by emailing us their name, a photo of them, and a paragraph about what makes them amazing!

Share your ideas on our comments page: We want to know what you think!

Donate: Donate to our GoFundMe. Funds are spent on buttons, stickers, signs and tshirts. As of today, 3/23/24, SF has fulfilled requests for:

18,230 buttons
16,845 stickers
9,671 info cards
537 laminated signs that say “This Team puts StudentsFIRST”
108 tshirts

We are planning to host two StudentFIRST Invitational Competitions in 2024 so student-centered teams can compete against each other.

At this time donations are not tax deductible. We are in the process of getting our non-profit 501c3 status, but we’re not there yet.

Become a StudentsFIRST Team: Does your team put students first? If so, become a StudentsFIRST team! Just email us at, tell us your team name, and we will email you a sign to put up at your pits and our logo to put on your website.

Team 547 – Falcon Engineering and Robotics

Team 9076 – Villaciraptors